Vanessa Metou - SM

Vanessa Metou is a young legal expert in international criminal law and activist for youth issues.

Dynamic and achiever, she likes act for the common good.

Lecturer assistant at University and Consultant

She starts her involvement at 10 years with the Local Committee of Democratic Children where she worked to promote Child’s Rights; she progressively joined various NGOs and Youth-led Organization.
In 2013, she won the 2nd Women’s Awards.

She joined the National Youth Council and the Pan-African Youth Union in 2014.
Member of Francophone Leaders International Network and YALI Alumni; she affirms her leadership by volunteering activities with youth and inactive girls in her community.

For the past 7 years, she has worked to promote socio-cultural, economic and political rights of young people and advocates for youth aspirations. In 2016 she creates LONA NGO: framework for the development and transfer of knowledge for the benefit of young people, focusing on: Leadership and civic engagement; Education; Entrepreneurship; Women empowerment…

Her Leadership style is about inspiring people and helps them to realize their full potential as actor of change in community.

She sow the seeds of hope by inspiring a generation, to be agents of change that Africa needs.

Recently appointed to the African Union Youth advisory Council.