Simon Touloung

Simon Marot Touloung

Youth Advisory Council

Simon Marot Touloung was born in 1992 in Wange, Mayom County in the present South Sudan He received his Bsc. In Petroleum Geoscience and Production at Makerere University through an exclusive DAFI Scholarship.

As a Youth Leader, Marot Co-founded the South Sudan Science Club (SSSC) whose main focus is environmental protection and Climate Change.

He is a co-founder and Program Manager for African Youth Action Network –AYAN in Kiryandongo refugee settlement, Uganda. AYAN is a youth initiative that advocates for peaceful coexistence, promotes the spirit of tolerance forgiveness and reconciliation amongst different South Sudanese Communities as well as among Host Communities in Uganda.

Marot is a member of the African Union (AU) Youth Advisory Council and UNHCR Global Youth Advisory Council. He helped secondary high school students in mathematics, physics and chemistry.

He led the DAFI university students association of Makerere University in 2015 and was the Health Secretary for the Makerere University Southern Sudanese Students’ Association in 2012, he was the President of Naath Universities and Colleges Students’ Union in Uganda and the vice president for European Association of Geologists and Engineers (EAGE) Makerere University students-chapter in 2014-2015.

Marot was part of a Refugee Youth Group that mobilized and volunteered with the (African Institute for Children’s Studies) AICS – Uganda Chapter AICS to identify and send Children of Poor Families to School in 2016.

He is an alumni of President Obama’s Initiative, the Young African Leader Initiative (YALI) Network. He runs a voluntary mentorship and coaching programs for youth and students in vacations.

Simon Marot’s Dream is for an Africa, and a World where everyone has a place to sleep and food to eat, free of wars and conflict.

Simon Marot loves Reading, sports and has recently attempted to play football and Volleyball.