Naïr Abakar

In Africa, several young people actively participate in the development of their community. I also decided to follow that path in order to chip in my contribution to better the image of the continent.
At only 27, I have already created 2 mobile applications and organized the first ever African Student International Show.

It is in July 2015 that my mobile application “Darna” was launched and made available online for free download in smartphones. This innovative application enables users to explore African capital cities with their mobile phones.

As a child I always dreamt of giving a better image to the African continent using my skills. This dream finally came true when in 2017, I created the platform dubbed “Afrique campus”. This platform aims at facilitating higher education pre-registration procedures for African students.

In the same vein, my team and I organized the first edition of the African Student International Show themed “School orientation, key to professional integration and youth success in Africa”.

During this three-day forum in N’djamena, 30,000 visitors from Africa attended the show and more than 100 African schools participated in the event. This show helped thousands of young African students to discover the various schools existing on the continent, find their future profession and “be trained in entrepreneurship principles”.

We are proud to have represented the youth who strive and never give up in front of difficulties. The message of my team, mainly comprised of youth and student ambassadors from various African countries was clear. It aimed at drawing attention on the capacity of the youth to mobilize as entrepreneurs and move a step ahead within the framework of Higher Education training.

In June 2017, I was assigned to organize the first ever Panafrican Youth Forum in collaboration with the African Union. This event aimed at “Consulting African youths to gather their recommendations on issues relating to them”. More than 200 young people from all over the continent had the opportunity to interact and be listened by African leaders. It was an unprecedented and successful event for the African youth. My mission aimed at ensuring that each participant, apart from being a mere spectator could also connect with people and organizations in order to express himself and carry out future projects.

In August 2018, I initiated the week of citizenship, which aims to change attitudes in Chad. Placed under the sign of solidarity, this initiative promotes life in common, respect for common property and sense of civic responsibility. More than 7 million Chadians responded to this call in a week by multiplying public movements: more than 25,000 trees planted, 16 reconstructed primary schools, donations of blood, etc. … As an example of this worthy cause, His excellency Idriss Deby Itno, President of Chad, participated with members of the government and the army in all activities.

My efforts were rewarded on 16 September 2017 in Abidjan, where I was awarded the Youth Entrepreneurship Award by the International Organization of Francophonie (OIF) over a total number of 411candidates. In addition, I was classified amongst the 100 most influential young Africans by “Positive Youth’s Africa Organization” and among the 100 Africans of the year 2019 by the Magazine « New African ».

More recently,I have been appointed to the African Union’s Youth Advisory Council.