OYE Inter-Generational Dialogues (IGD) and Co-Leadership
Let’s organize 100 IGDs Together

The Africa We Live in 

According to Mo Ibrahim Index average age of African leaders is 66 years old while the average age of the population is 25 years old we have 44 years of generation gap.

 Why Now?

The AU Office of the Youth Envoy presents an opportunity to be a bridge builder. Dialogue between young people and those of an older generation will remove barriers, intimidation, fear and promote open and inclusive participation for all to push for political, communal and societal commitment at all levels.

HOW we do IGDs?

In delivering its Action Plan 2019/20 particularly the Intergenerational and Policy Model, the AU Office of the Youth Envoy promotes InterGenerational Dialogues and Co-Leadership as a preventive approach to address current and emerging crises and conflicts.

The structure of the “Dialogue” does not necessary have to be centralized and ‘high level’. In fact, in High level dialogues, young people often get intimidated by the older generation, while the older generation feels shy to admit that they too are intimidated as well by the young generation. Therefore, this model, aims to create common ground and culture of dialogue to bridge the two generations at all levels from community to high level conversations including; 

  1. PRESIDENCY: With government representatives, around the table and representatives of the youth constituencies involved in the organization of the “dialogue”. 
  2. PARLIAMENT: Having a dialogue inside the parliament. 
  3. COMMUNITY DIALOGUE: With different target groups such as religious leaders, police officers, teachers, local authorities, mayors etc. based on the needs of that specific country where the dialogue is needed.
  4. PAN-AFRICAN and REGIONAL: Level dialogues with AU Youth Advisory Council members in your region

Often times these dialogues are centralized around huge high level events, and organized by leading regional or national institutions where youth are invited as “participants”, we want to drive a movement of youth-led dialogues and co-led with these institutions.

Youth organisers, are you ready to organize your IGD? Submit your idea and fill in the form below and ‘Let’s Shake Things Up”