Protocol on Free Movement of Persons in Africa

Youth Civil Society Organizations Popularization Meeting On The Promotion Of The Protocol Relating To The Treaty Establishing To The Free Movement Of Persons, Right Of Entry, Right Of Residence And Right Of Establishment In Africa

Free movement of people is embedded in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as a fundamental right and that all people are entitled to the recognition of inherent dignity and certain inalienable rights, which are the foundations of freedom and justice in the world.

Free movement of persons is central to the integration of the Continent and cannot be separated from other regional integration initiatives such as economic integration and common policies on co-operation and security.

The implementation roadmap for the Protocol to the Treaty Establishing the African Economic Communities in relation to Free Movement of Persons, Right of Entry, Right of Residence and Right of Establishment is set to bring together African citizens in unity and prosperity and fulfilling African Integration Agenda to further make physical and artificial borders a bridge to accomplish full integration.

As parts of the groundwork to fully implement the roadmap annex to the protocol on free movement of persons, the AU Commission has decided to bring together Youth led Civil Society Organizations and students from various African higher institutions. The meeting will help to create awareness and serve as a push for speedy implementation of the protocol on free movement.

Youth population is estimated between 65 to 70 percent of the African population. Both Agenda 2063 and SDGs emphasized the importance young people play in the socio-economic development of Africa and their contribution towards economic growth.

In line with this, the proposed town hall meeting aims at sensitizing the young population of the protocol on free movement of persons in Africa, also to further create a platform that will enable them to make a constructive pressure on AU Member States to domestic the protocol. The popularization is also a forum to create advocacy for popularization of FMP to ensure it comes into force. Presently the Commission requires 15 AU Member States ratification for it to come into force.

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