The African Union Office of the Youth Envoy COVID-19 RESPONSE STRATEGY

Convener: Facilitate inclusive, accessible and empowering digital spaces for youth (including marginalized youth and young women) to meaningfully engage in the response to the pandemic.

Action Catalyzer: Advocate for the implementation of progressive policies and impactful effective actions to address the emergency and post-Coronavirus systemes change especially the implementation of the African Youth Charter

Amplifier: Amplify youth-led accountability, agency and participation across the continent as well as the voices, stories and experiences of the most marginalized and underrepresented youth

Bridge Builder: Bring youth closer to the African Union by closing the information gap, provide access to timely resources from Africa CDC and ensuring youth participation through Intergenerational Dialogues and Co-Leadership

Pan-African Mobilizer: Mobilize and unite youth for collective Pan-African action and strengthen exchange, collaboration and cross-border engagement among youth organizations in order to build youth solidarity, political consciousness, democratic participation and civic engagement

5 Initiatives

Virtual Youth Consultations

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Youth Charter Hustlers

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Newsletters On Youth

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#FactsNotFear Campaign

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Calls To Action

Rallying youth with a call to action to step up to the global challenge and show youth leadership (Video), during World Health Day sending a solidarity message to all health workers and calling on African and World Leaders to care about the well-being of humanity and deliver for people to live with dignity and justice (Video).