Office of the Youth Envoy (OYE)


An Africa where young people are drivers of development, agents of positive change, and leaders of a Peaceful, Prosperous and Integrated continent.


The Youth Envoy mission is to lead advocacy and champion youth agency in the prioritization of youth issues within continental and other decision-making and governance spaces. In achieving this mission, the Youth Envoy will undertake the following activities:

1. Inclusive and Meaningful Engagement and Participation
Increase and improve the ability of youth (including marginalized youth, and young women and girls) to successfully access and engage with the African Union Commission through the development and promotion of structured mechanisms for youth participation at national, regional and global levels.

2. Advocacy
Advocate for and increase regional, continental and global awareness and attention to issues that are important to African youth and mobilize youth in achieving Agenda2063, promoting African values across the continent and beyond. Ensure youth are able to advocate on their behalf and develop intergenerational partnerships to advance their advocacy efforts.

3. Partnerships
Engage Member States, the private sector, academic institutions, media and civil society, including youth in the AUC, on youth programmes as well as facilitating multi-stakeholder partnerships on youth issues. Build strategic partnerships and credible working relations with different stakeholders. Promote intergenerational dialogue in order to ensure the sustainability of partnerships.

4. Coordination
Improve the coordination of the adoption of African Youth Charter in AU member States and support its implementation at national, regional, and local levels. Help coordinate efforts for the adoption of policies and actions that promote youth participation and engagement in local, national, regional and international development.

Objectives of OYE are to serve as:

Develop and manage inclusive, accessible and constructive digital and physical spaces whereby: a) youth are able to meaningfully engage the African Union Commission; and b) the African Union is able to build trust and rapport with youth by closing the information gap; c) the OYE facilitates conversations on issues that matter to youth; and d) convene and mobilize information and knowledge on youth across the continent.

2. Action Catalyzer
Reinforce the implementation of progressive frameworks, policies and projects on youth participation, engagement, and leadership including African Youth Charter, African Youth Development Fund, Demographic Dividend Roadmap etc. and promote empowerment, agency, participation and accountability.

3. Amplifier
Amplify experiences, and discourse about youth; from problem to solution, from oversimplified narratives that focus on victimhood to agency, from a discourse of disempowerment to a discourse of empowerment, articulate a story of hope and peaceful positive change and promote youth participation and engagement by ensuring the voices of the most marginalized and underrepresented youth are mainstreamed into community and grassroots spaces and decision-making platforms or bodies.

4. Bridge Builder
Bring African youth closer to the AU and member states and facilitate Intergenerational Dialogues that can develop into intergenerational cooperation and co-leadership

5. Pan-African Mobilizer
Mobilize and unite youth for Pan-Africanism and Agenda 2063, encouraging cross-border engagement and efforts among young Africans work toward a prosperous and peaceful Africa